About OpenEPC – Open Evolved Packet Core
OpenEPC is the efficient and flexible 3GPP Evolved Packet Core implementation that runs on any platform, scaling down to a RaspBerry Pi and up to the data-centers.
Since 2013 Core Network Dynamics GmbH develops and hardens OpenEPC, towards creating flexible carrier-grade products and special communication solutions.
Currently OpenEPC is being used commercially in specialized transport networks across Europe. Soon OpenEPC will be at the heart of standard mobile core networks for
large operators that are looking for alternative deployment models which can cope with the requirements of the transition to 5G.
OpenEPC is so flexible that its also being used for Public Safety solutions which go beyond standards to solve specific requirements of the most stringent markets.

Core Network Dynamics
Core Networks for 2G/3G/LTE/Wifi
 – Cutting Edge 3GPP Rel.12 Features and Carrier-grade Capabilities Core Network Dynamics has secured the exclusive commercial redistribution rights for OpenEPC and continues its development towards creating flexible pre-products for direct use in the 2G, 3G, LTE and WiFi industry. Based on the very warm and positive feedback received from our 50+ R&D licensees, the upcoming OpenEPC 7 will seek to complement the comprehensive functionality with carrier-grade features, towards a flexible solution for specialized communication applications, as well as for the mainstream mobile broadband networks which are ready to embrace new deployment concepts.

To support our current and future R&D 2G/3G/LTE/WiFi test-beds, the experimental OpenEPC branch continues to be further developed, maintained and enhanced with the latest 3GPP Rel.12 features. With OpenEPC Rel.6 and future releases, the latest concepts can be field trialed right away, providing for an immediate roadmap towards the market.

Core Network Dynamics aims to provide flexible pre-products, technologies and equipment for satisfying real-life exploitation requirements, based on the extensive experience gained through the OpenEPC research project. For more details on OpenEPC 7 please see www.CoreNetDynamics.com or contact us at info@corenetdynamics.com